Understand your strengths and challenges related to Autism, ADHD, or other emotional/behavioral concerns using a virtual format

What’s included

Assessments of cognitive ability, memory, social-emotional functioning, and more


$1500 - $3500


Virtual ADHD and Autism Evaluations

Do you wonder if you or your child might have ADHD, Autism, or both? Are you located outside of Georgia and need an evaluation? Tired of constantly getting put on waitlists in your state?

You’ve come to the right place then! We can bring our unique comprehensive evaluations to you and still get it done in 30 days!

Understanding Virtual Evaluations

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual psychological evaluations have emerged as a game-changer, offering a convenient alternative to traditional in-person assessments. In the realm of Autism and ADHD evaluations, this digital approach proves invaluable. Through secure online platforms, our team of experienced psychologists can transcend geographical barriers, and bring our unique evaluation model to individuals and families outside of Georgia.

But do virtual evaluations maintain the same level of accuracy as their in-person counterparts? Absolutely. Numerous studies have shown that virtual assessments for Autism and ADHD can produce results comparable to face-to-face evaluations. Our psychologists utilize standardized testing tools and observation techniques tailored for online platforms, ensuring the validity and reliability of the outcomes.

The beauty of virtual evaluations lies in their flexibility so parents, guardians, and individuals themselves can participate from the comfort of their own homes and still receive quality testing and evaluation.

How are Virtual Evaluations Structured?

We have created a seamless process to make you feel at ease every step of the way. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Virtual Intake Appointment: We begin with a virtual intake appointment where you meet with one of our experienced psychologists to understand your concerns, gather relevant history, and discuss any specific areas of focus. We also take time to walk you through the entire evaluation process from start to finish, answer questions, and prepare you for the next step.
  • Virtual Testing Sessions: The heart of the evaluation process involves 1-2 virtual testing sessions. Through carefully selected tools, exercises, and collateral input, our psychologists will assess several areas including but not limited to cognitive abilities, social skills, and emotional/behavioral patterns. The virtual format follows best practices for telepsychology, ensuring that the evaluation results are as standardized and accurate as possible despite the adapted structure.
  • Feedback/Results Meeting: Once the testing sessions are complete, we schedule a virtual results meeting to discuss the findings. During this session, our psychologists will provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment outcomes, discuss potential diagnoses, and explore recommendations for support and intervention.

Virtual Evaluations at Magnolia Wellness & Psychology

We are authorized via The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) to provide telepsychology services in other participating states except California, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Guam, Puerto Rico, & US Virgin Islands.

Despite being offered in a virtual format, we still provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation in about 30 days and include a final report with detailed recommendations, resource and referral letter, and any additional supporting documents at your results meeting. What’s better than that? We don’t have a waitlist so you can quickly and easily schedule your initial intake appointment online!

  • Costs & Fees
    • 3 year olds - $1500
    • 4 year olds - $2000
    • 5 year olds - $2500
    • Ages 6-17 & adults - $3000
    • Combo evaluations (i.e., ADHD & Autism; ADHD & Learning Disability; Autism & Learning Disability) - $3500
  • $1500 is due at the time you schedule and any remaining balance is due 24 hours prior to the feedback (final) session. We accept all major credit/debit cards, HSA cards, and personal checks as payment.
  • We are not in network with any insurance companies or paneled with Medicaid, Medicare, or Medicaid Managed Care companies (i.e., Caresource, Amerigroup, Peachstate, etc). However, we do offer out-of-network documentation for insurance reimbursement submission.
  • Please note: You are allowed to change your appointment date and time if necessary. However, in the event of total cancellation, we will not issue a refund. As such, please be sure you wish to utilize our services prior to scheduling the initial intake appointment and paying the initial fee.

Special Considerations for Virtual Evaluations

Engaging in a virtual evaluation for Autism and ADHD comes with its own set of considerations to ensure a smooth and effective process. Potential clients should be aware of the following aspects when opting for a virtual evaluation:

  • Technical Requirements:
    • Clients need access to a reliable and secure internet connection.
    • A device with a camera and microphone, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, is necessary for video conferencing.
    • Clients should have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties, which can be discussed with your psychologist before or during the evaluation.
  • Time Zones
    • All of our appointment times are offered in the Eastern Standard Time Zone so interested clients would need to convert the appointment times to their time zone so they don’t miss it!
  • Privacy and Confidentiality:
    • Choose a quiet and private space for the evaluation to maintain confidentiality.
    • Inform all household members about the importance of privacy during the sessions.
    • Be sure to avoid driving during a virtual evaluation, as it is a safety risk and could also compromise assessment results.
  • Preparation for Testing Sessions:
    • Clients may be asked to prepare certain materials, create a conducive environment for testing, especially if the evaluation involves younger individuals, or send video observations as part of the evaluation.
  • Insurance Reimbursement:
    • Insurance reimbursement for out-of-state evaluations may be challenging, and there is no guarantee of reimbursement.
    • We strive to make the process as smooth as possible by providing the necessary documentation to support your reimbursement requests.
    • It’s important when seeking a virtual evaluation to call your insurance and ask about your benefits for out of network services and mention that your evaluation is virtual with an out-of-state provider.

Scheduling Your Virtual Evaluation

Because we make our available appointment slots visible on our booking site, you can easily schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you!

  1. Schedule your initial intake appointment.
  2. Choose your preferred meeting slot in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  3. Pay your $1500 fee to secure your appointment. This upfront cost is applied to your overall evaluation fee.
  4. Complete your consent forms and intake paperwork on the screen.

It’s that simple!

Typically, we require 1-2 virtual sessions for testing, and a final session to review your results. We also provide a copy of your report and a list of resources and referrals for any recommendations made. When preparing for your sessions, it’s important to make sure you have signed all consent forms and completed other intake paperworkyou attend your initial appointment. Find a quiet, secure area with a reliable internet connection and we will handle the rest.

By embracing technology, we bring our expertise to you, ensuring that the evaluation process is not only accurate but also convenient and accessible. So, Schedule your initial intake appointment today, avoid the dreaded waitlist, and get your results in 30 days!

*Please note that at this time, we can only provide ADHD & Autism evaluations virtually. However, we partner with several providers in other states who can provide a Learning Disability evaluation if needed.