Identify emotional, behavioral, and social challenges and offer treatment recommendations

What’s included

Detailed clinical interview and rating measures.




Mental Health Evaluations

Do you need an evaluation to explore and identify a diagnosis related to depression, anxiety, trauma, or bipolar disorder?

Are you concerned that you or your child may have an intellectual disability?

Are you looking to apply for the Katie Beckett Medicaid Waiver?

What is a Mental Health Evaluation?

A mental health evaluation, also called a psychological evaluation, is a structured assessment conducted by trained mental health professionals, such as psychologists or psychiatrists, to gather information about an individual's mental and emotional functioning. These evaluations aim to understand an individual's psychological well-being, emotional state, and behavioral patterns. Psychological evaluations are conducted for various purposes, including:

  • Diagnostic Assessment: To diagnose mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and more.
  • Treatment Planning: To develop tailored treatment plans for individuals with psychological issues, guiding therapeutic interventions and support.
  • Workplace Accommodations: To identify challenges that may be appropriate for accommodations in the workplace.
  • Personality Assessment: To gain insights into an individual's personality traits, which can be helpful in therapeutic contexts or for career guidance.
  • Katie Beckett Waiver: A Medicaid program that makes benefits available to children age 18 and younger (living at home) who qualify as disabled as long as certain conditions are met, even though those children would not ordinarily be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits because of parental income/resources.

Mental health evaluations typically involve a combination of interviews and standardized psychological tests. The results provide an understanding of the individual's mental and emotional state, enabling professionals to make informed decisions about treatment, education, legal matters, or other relevant areas.

Who Are Mental Health Evaluations For?

These evaluations can be conducted for children, teenagers, and adults who might have significant emotional and behavioral concerns outside of Autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental challenges.

Mental Health Evaluations at Magnolia Wellness

Magnolia Wellness & Psychology’s mental health evaluations provide deep insights into your mental health, emotional well-being, and, sometimes, cognitive functioning. Whether you're seeking to understand and address specific challenges or simply aiming to enhance your overall quality of life, our evaluations offer an opportunity to identify strengths and obstacles and gather recommendations to address them.

We offer mental health evaluations as an A La Carte service. However, if you have concerns that emotional, behavioral, and/or social difficulties may be part of Autism, ADHD, or a  Learning Disability, a comprehensive ADHD, Autism, or LD evaluation may be necessary rather than scheduling a mental health evaluation.

Children or adults meet in person for their testing appointment and receive a written summary of results within 7-14 days. Mental Health Evaluations are priced at $721 and are available to schedule online. The total cost is due at the time of service. We accept all major credit/debit cards, HSA cards, and personal checks as payment.